Daily activities - just an update! - 2019-04-10

10 April 2019 Ons ouerdag en rapporte vandag, ons netbalspanne het gister gewen teen Westonaria, almal behalwe ons 1ste Netbalspan wat naelskraap met 1 doel verloor het.  Ons verwelkom ook Mnr Sinclair as Wiskunde onderwyser. We have parents day and reports today.  All our netball teams won against Westonaria, except our 1st Netball... meer

Sosiale Media / Social Media - 2019-02-01

And once again, the social media bomb hits with another school getting visits from violent protestors who has no idea of what the situation was.  Wonderfontein makes it very clear that none of these things will be tolerated.  Yur child's post might endanger him or herself, as well as the other learners in the school.  He or she i... meer

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