Covid-19 Lockdown - 2020-03-30

Because of the serious nature of the rapid spread of Covid-19 in South Africa, the President of the Republic of South Africa, Mr Ramaphosa announced a 21 day lockdown which will last until 16 April 2020 and then a further two weeks which leads to 1 May which is a public holiday.  Which means schools will only re open on 4 May 2020. Hoërsk... meer

Computer Application Technology - Rekenaartoepassingstegnologie - 2019-04-24

Revision on WORD: Inserting Bookmarks and Hyperlinks Reviewing and Tracking Changes Line Breaks for example Widow/Orphan control. Electronic forms. Grade 10 and 11 work Revision in HTML:  Important is tables, with all the properties Colspan will be there every paper. Inserting a picture will be there in some form. ... meer

History - Geskiedenis - 2019-04-24

Grade 12 - We start with the Cold War and for week 1 the following are important: Why is it called the Cold War? What was the ideological differences? Why did the Cold War enemies working together against Nazi Germany? Who was the Big Three? What was the Grand Alliance? Why did the Grand Alliance have tension between members? &... meer

Daily activities - just an update! - 2019-04-10

Skool heropen op 15 Januarie 2020 - School opens on 15 January 2020.     ... meer

Sosiale Media / Social Media - 2019-02-01

And once again, the social media bomb hits with another school getting visits from violent protestors who has no idea of what the situation was.  Wonderfontein makes it very clear that none of these things will be tolerated.  Your child's post might endanger him or herself, as well as the other learners in the school.  He or she ... meer

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